The quality and scarcity of our water today require water treatment

The reasons behind the need for water treatment are many.

  • Poor water quality
  • Water scarcity
  • The damaging effects of lime on equipment and machines
  • Wanting lime-free water
  • Special requirements for the taste of coffee
  • A production or process that requires a specific water quality
  • Bacteria in the water installation

Even with a good water source, water treatment should be considered to ensure a good water quality.

Water treatment describes those processes used to make water more acceptable for at desired end-use and to ensure that stringent quality standards to the consumer are maintained. Based on several water sources like surface water, ground water and sea water, we combine our knowhow of many technologies within water treatment, such as softening, RO, Ultra Filtration, rehardening, filtration, EDI etc., thus providing all steps from pre-treatment to post-treatment.

Guldager‘s water purification solutions are very flexible and thereby highly adaptable to customer requirements.

Products for water treatment

Water treatment describes those processes used to make water more acceptable for at desired end-use. Our purification solutions are very flexible and highly adaptable:


Drinking water approved softening systems for larger properties and the smaller industry. 5 – 20 m3/t


Recycling filters that use the all-new Purity technology that results in optimal water quality and high product safety. Up to 6 m3 per bottle.

UniSoft® Mini

A volume controlled softening system that operates without electricity. Flow capacity 20-25 L/Min.

UniSoft® AK

Decarbonization installation that removes the hardness of the water and about half of the residual mineral salts. Replacement facility. 4-8 m3 per filter.

CalcFree and CalcFree Pro

Carbon dioxide (CO2) dosing system that prevents the precipitation of lime into the piping system. For real estate, industry and larger heating plants.

UniSoft® KT

A volume controlled softening system that operates without electricity. Max 60 liters/min.

UniSoft® 9000

A duplex plant is the right choice when there is a need for continuous supply of soft water in large quantities. 2 – 15 m3 / t.

UniRo 401 T -TC

The UniRo 401 series has been developed specifically for gastronomy and industry. The system is designed specifically for glass and service dishwashers, but it can also be used with great advantage elsewhere.

UniRo 4000-20000

Suitable for small laboratories and large desalination plants that impose water quality requirements. Capacity: 6-10,000 liters per. hour.

UniRo 400–2400

UniRo 400-2400 for technical installations where efficiency and reduction of water salts and minerals are of great importance.

UniRo 150-450 C

UniRo 150 – 450 C cabinet system for perfect dishwashing. From 150 – 450 l/h with a reservoir of 35-80 l.


Electrodeionization is used for post-treatment of the permeate from the RO installation to produce demineralized water.


Automatic filtering solution prevents clogging of nozzles and valves.

Mixed-bed filter

A mixed-bed filter fine polishes demineralized water from, for example, an EDI installation, in order to remove all minerals and salts from the water.


Chemical dosing as a pre-treatment eliminates problems with chlorine and lime in the feed water.


High quality efficient long-life glycols for most systems in a wide temperature range


Dynamic Control Valve especially for flow control of the hot water.

Water filters

Filters that can be placed directly on a shower head or perlator if legionella has been detected.

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