The quality and scarcity of our water today requires water treatment

There can be many reasons why we want to treat our water.

  • Poor water quality
  • Water shortage
  • The harmful effects of lime on machinery and equipment
  • Desire for lime-free tap water
  • Special requirements for a coffee flavour
  • Requirements for a specific water quality for a process or production
  • Bacteria in the water installation

Based on the water quality desired by the customer and depending on the water source (surface water, groundwater, seawater, tap water) available on site, we put together the solution that can give the desired result. The solution may consist of a single process, e.g. softening if we only want to remove the limescale, or a composite solution that includes several steps from pre-treatment to post-treatment.

Our many years of experience and know-how in water treatment enable us to put together technologies that allow us to adapt to our customers' wishes and needs.

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Products for water treatment

When we say water treatment, we mean the processes we use to deliver the water quality you demand. Our water treatment programme is very comprehensive and includes:

Unifill Gold

Unifill Gold removes bad odors and unwanted tastes in the water, reduces any chlorine compounds and filters down to 0.1 microns.

Profine® ZERO

Profine® ZERO professional is the ideal reverse osmosis system when smaller quantities of very pure water are needed. Performance up to 24 l/h. Up to 3 liters in the first minute.


The HYDRO:BOX 7M is designed to deliver high performance based on high flow pre-filtration and multiple larger membranes. Performance up to 480 l/h @ 15 0C no buffer capacity.


The HYDRO:BOX 5M is designed to deliver high performance based on high flow pre-filtration and multiple larger membranes. Performance 300 l/h @ 15 0C 8 liters buffer capacity.


Reverse Osmosis system with high flow and high buffer capacity. Output 120 l/h @ 15 0C 8 liters buffer capacity.


EASY:FAST is a reverse osmosis system with built-in pressure tank. Output 140 l/h @ 15 0C 4 liters buffer capacity.


Omvendt osmose anlæg med indbygget (engangs)filter til fremstilling af totalt afsaltet vand <0,1 µS/cm. Ydelse cirka 100 l/t. Separat ledningsevnemåler for permeat og demineraliseret vand. Filterkapacitet ved normal drift på 20-25 m3 inden det skal skiftes.

Hyprolyser iSEC

Electrolysis-based disinfection system for continuous prevention of Legionella in hot water installations - using only salt, water and electricity.


Reusable filters using the brand new Purity technology, providing optimal water quality and high product safety. Up to 6 m³ per bottle.

UniSoft® AK

Decarbonisation plant that removes the hardness of the water and about half of the residual mineral salts. Exchange plant. 4-8 m³ per filter.

CalcFree and CalcFree Pro

CO2 dosing systems that prevent lime precipitation - mainly in industrial exchangers with high consumption and high temperatures. But there can also be benefits for boilers and pipe traction with the system.

UniSoft® 9000

A duplex plant is the right choice when there is a need for continuous supply of soft water in large volumes. 2-15 m³/h.

UniRo 401 T -TC

The UniRo 401 series has been specially developed for the catering and industrial sectors. The system is designed specifically for glass and service dishwashers, but can also be installed elsewhere with great advantage.

UniRo 4000-20000

Suitable for large installations with high demands on water quality and capacity. 4-20.000 ltr./h.

UniRo 400-2400

UniRo 400-2400 for technical installations where efficiency and reduction of water salts and minerals are of great importance.

UniRo 150-450 C

UniRo 150-450 C cabinet system for perfect dishwashing. From 150-450 ltr./h with a tank from 35-80 ltr.


Electrodeionisation is used for the post-treatment of the permeate from the RO plant to produce demineralised water.


Automatic filter solution prevents clogging of nozzles and valves.

Mixed Bed filter

A mixed bed filter polishes demineralised water from, for example, an EDI plant, removing the last minerals and salts from the water.


Facilities for the recovery of slightly polluted drainage water from, for example, cooling towers. Recovery of up to 75% is possible under normal circumstances.


Guldager offers a full range of chemicals and dosing equipment for the industry. Cooling towers, heating systems, hot water and steam systems, etc. Specialists in total solution agreements; also with short terms.


Efficient, high-quality long-life glycols for most systems over a wide temperature range.


Dynamic flow control valve for domestic hot water specially designed for flow control.

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