osmoliQ:LB 4000 - 30000

Water treatment / Desalination / osmoliQ:LB 4000 - 30000

Reverse osmosis system in industrial design with a lightweight and elegant appearance.

Automatic regulation of valves and high-pressure pump with frequency converter means the system runs optimally in all conditions.

Touch panel for control with the ability to enroll multiple components to the acidification: softener, anti-scale, tank level and booster pump to name a few.

Capacity between 4,000 and 30,000 liters/hour.

Option to upgrade the controller to Siemens PLC S7.

Can be combined with an additional stage to reduce conductivity to less than 5 µS/cm - can be used for P2X systems, for example.

Possibility of web-server access for remote monitoring and control, as well as the ability to communicate on various BUS connections - MODbus is standard.

Start/stop via analog signal from the downstream product tank.

The system can be stopped remotely via a digital signal - e.g. from a system that monitors whether the pre-connected water softener is working properly.


  • Boiler feed water for steam boilers
  • Cooling systems
  • Industry

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