Chemical dosing eliminates problems with chlorine and lime in food water

Chemical dosing as pre-treatment eliminates problems with chlorine and lime.

Chlorine in the feed water (e.g. in the UK) destroys the membranes in an RO plant. To prevent this, we dose antichlorine. Antichlor consists mainly of metabisulphite (SMBS), which also has a preservative effect during downtimes.

Guldager uses a special Antiklor, which is

  • odourless
  • operational
  • effective
  • stable over time

Lime in the feed water precipitates on the membranes of the RO plant. This precipitation will quickly reduce the efficiency of the membranes. To prevent scale build-up and extend the life of the membranes, we dose antiscale. Antiscale binds calcium and magnesium in the water so that it does not precipitate on the membranes.

  • Effective for many water qualities
  • Operational
  • The need for membrane cleaning is significantly reduced
  • Approved for drinking water in the UK

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