With experience dating back to 1923, we have the technologies and skills to handle full solutions water treatment.

To meet very specific requirements for:

  • Water quality
  • Operational economy
  • Performance
  • Uptime
  • Service and maintenance

we first enter into a close dialogue about the challenges and requirements of the customer. We introduce possible solutions and, based on these, we find the right solution.

High level of competence

Competent advice, design and dimensioning are basic elements of our project sales.

Full solutions requires a high level of technological competence. Our design department, made up of experienced engineers and technicians, has in-depth knowledge of the parameters and processes involved in this type of installation. The plants are designed and dimensioned in close cooperation with the customer:

  • Tender dossier
  • Requirements specifications
  • Water analyses etc.

The entire production phase is quality assured through the coordinated and direct cooperation between the project and production units.

Contact us if you...

  • need a total solution that goes beyond the standard?
  • need a water quality of a certain character?
  • looking for competent sparring and advice to find the right solution?
  • want to avoid costly downtime?

Guldager is your total supplier.

How the process works

During the bidding round

  • Tender dossier

  • Sparring/advice

  • Pre-engineering

  • Expectation poll

  • Bidding phase

  • Negotiation

  • Contract

  • Engineering

  • Production

  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)

After the agreement is concluded

  • Order picking

  • SAT (Site Acceptance Test)

  • On-site training

  • Takeover

  • Performance test

  • After market service

  • Wear and spare parts

  • Technical support

Case: Margam UK

Converting wood chips to energy requires ultra-pure water

As part of a brand new biomass-fired energy plant, Guldager was chosen to supply a fully redundant water treatment plant. The plant is located in Margam, Port Talbot in South Wales.

A creative solution

Guldager has delivered an automated plug & play solution that requires minimal on-site customisation. The plant is dimensioned to deliver 10 m3 of ultrapure water per hour.

trash to clean energy

Case: Peterborough

From waste to energy

As part of a brand new power plant installation, Guldager was selected to supply ultra-pure water to the boilers and soft water to SNCR.

Guldager has delivered an automated plug & play solution; which was easily installed on site. The system consists of

  • Pre-treatment (activated carbon and softening filter)
  • Reverse osmosis
  • CEDI®
  • Mixed bed filter

Case: Templeborough UK

Neutralisation and diversion

A lot of water is used in a biomass power plant, but a lot of water also has to be discharged. Before it can be discharged into the sewer, the water must be treated to meet local authority requirements.

At the biomass power plant in Templeborough, up to 70 m3/t will be neutralised and discharged. As Guldager A/S has already supplied the water treatment plant for the power station, it was obvious to ask us to supply this plant as well.

Guldager has delivered a fully automated solution that was adapted to the conditions on site. Among other things, the system must be able to handle temperatures down to minus 15 0C.


The plant consists of:

  • Submerged sewage pumps
  • Neutralization systems (chemical dosing pumps)
  • pH and temperature measurements
  • Constant level control
  • Control and monitoring cabinets

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