Water treatment / Desalination

Salt-free water for anything from kitchens to drilling rigs

In a softening installation such as Guldager’s UniRo, you remove calcium and magnesium salts from the water. However, there will still be mineral salts left in the water, which can cause problems in commercial kitchens or technical installations.

Guldager supplies desalination systems for everything from kitchens to drilling platforms and ships.

The desalination installations use reverse osmosis, which is a membrane separation process that allows water molecules to pass but maintains the majority of the salt content.

Membranes in Guldager’s UniRo installation retain 95 – 98% of all salts.

UniRo is available in several sizes and covers all needs from the small laboratory to large desalination plants for seawater on offshore platforms and on ships.

Products for desalination

UniRo 150-450 C

UniRo 150 – 450 C cabinet system for perfect dishwashing. From 150 – 450 l/h with a reservoir of 35-80 l.

UniRo 400–2400

UniRo 400-2400 for technical installations where efficiency and reduction of water salts and minerals are of great importance.

UniRo 4000-20000

Suitable for small laboratories and large desalination plants that impose water quality requirements. Capacity: 6-10,000 liters per. hour.

UniRo 401 T -TC

The UniRo 401 series has been developed specifically for gastronomy and industry. The system is designed specifically for glass and service dishwashers, but it can also be used with great advantage elsewhere.

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