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Desalination systems for everything from kitchens to oil rigs

In a water softening system such as Guldagers UniSoft system, lime and magnesium salts are removed from the water. However, there will still be mineral salts left in the water, which can cause problems for dishwashing in a commercial kitchen or for technical installations.

Guldager supplies desalination systems for everything from kitchens to large industrial installations.

Guldager's desalination plant uses reverse osmosis, which is a membrane separation process that allows water molecules to pass through but retains most of the salt content.

The membranes in Guldager reverse osmosis systems retain 95 - 98% of all salts.

The systems are available in several sizes and cover all needs from small laboratories to large desalination plants for large industrial installations.

Desalination by reverse osmosis

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Products for desalination

UniRo 150-450 C

UniRo 150-450 C cabinet system for perfect dishwashing. From 150-450 ltr./h with a tank from 35-80 ltr.

UniRo 401 T -TC

The UniRo 401 series has been specially developed for the catering and industrial sectors. The system is designed specifically for glass and service dishwashers, but can also be installed elsewhere with great advantage.


Omvendt osmose anlæg med indbygget (engangs)filter til fremstilling af totalt afsaltet vand <0,1 µS/cm. Ydelse cirka 100 l/t. Separat ledningsevnemåler for permeat og demineraliseret vand. Filterkapacitet ved normal drift på 20-25 m3 inden det skal skiftes.


EASY:FAST is a reverse osmosis system with built-in pressure tank. Output 140 l/h @ 15 0C 4 liters buffer capacity.


Reverse Osmosis system with high flow and high buffer capacity. Output 120 l/h @ 15 0C 8 liters buffer capacity.


The HYDRO:BOX 5M is designed to deliver high performance based on high flow pre-filtration and multiple larger membranes. Performance 300 l/h @ 15 0C 8 liters buffer capacity.


The HYDRO:BOX 7M is designed to deliver high performance based on high flow pre-filtration and multiple larger membranes. Performance up to 480 l/h @ 15 0C no buffer capacity.

Profine® ZERO

Profine® ZERO professional is the ideal reverse osmosis system when smaller quantities of very pure water are needed. Performance up to 24 l/h. Up to 3 liters in the first minute.

GENO-OSMO-X 200 - 3000

Perfect for smaller technical installations where efficiency and reduction of salts in the water is of great importance.

osmoliQ:LB 4000 - 30000

Fully automated system for large industrial applications. The big brother of GENO-OSMO-X with horizontal 8" membranes and desalinated water in large volumes.

AVRO-flex 400

Portable RO system without the need for pre-treatment - recovery at least 50%.

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