Water treatment / Filtration

Filtration is an important part of water treatment

Our product pallet within water filtration is extensive and adapted to our customers’ specific requirements.

Filtration protects both equipment and machinery and ensures efficient operation of any water treatment plant. Filtration often forms part of a larger water treatment solution, such as prefiltration for reverse osmosis.

There are many types of  filter solutions, call us for more information.

Products for filtration

Water filters

Filters that can be placed directly on a shower head or perlator if legionella has been detected.

Mixed-bed filter

A mixed-bed filter fine polishes demineralized water from, for example, an EDI installation, in order to remove all minerals and salts from the water.


Automatic filtering solution prevents clogging of nozzles and valves.


Electrodeionization is used for post-treatment of the permeate from the RO installation to produce demineralized water.

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