Project installations - We look after your business

When we sell larger solutions consisting of several sub-components, for example to cogeneration plants, this places high demands on service and maintenance. We offer a high level of service, which often includes:

  • Startup
  • Initiation
  • Training of local operational staff
  • Thorough description of daily maintenance
  • Monitoring and optimisation
  • Service according to specific service agreement
  • Available wear and spare parts packages

Fixed service intervals, typically scheduled during the annual maintenance period of the plant, and scheduled replacement of wear and spare parts according to service instructions, significantly minimise the risk of costly downtime.

Service abroad is carried out by our permanent traveling technicians or by our partners on site.

When you enter into an industrial service agreement with us, you can be sure you'll get:

  • Stable and optimal operation of your water installation
  • Healthy and clean water
  • Water in the exact quality you want

Call +45 48 13 44 00 and we'll find the service solution that best suits your needs.

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