Guldager's Whistleblower Scheme

As an employee, business partner, supplier or customer of Guldager, you have the opportunity to report cases where internal guidelines may not be followed, or where national and international rules and laws have been violated.

There is full confidentiality and anonymity when you contact Guldager's external whistleblower lawyer, and all GDPR rules are respected. The lawyer works independently of Guldager and is employed by the internationally renowned auditing firm Ernst & Young.

All dialogue takes place exclusively with Ernst & Young when a report is submitted. However, Guldager's management is notified that there is a report and can see the report in anonymised form.

Guldager's Board receives a quarterly overview of any ongoing cases - including a report on what Guldager's management has done to remedy the problems.

Incident reports

IMPORTANT. Submitting a notification is not a trivial matter. The whistleblower scheme is for legal complaints where rules and laws have not been respected.

The whistleblower system does not exist:

  • Praise - we'd love to hear from you, but instead we ask you to write to our customer service.
  • Questions about the whistleblower scheme - please contact us directly. We may be able to help you with what you want to report more quickly than if an investigation has to be launched first.