chloriDOS® iOX

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Safe and controlled prevention of Legionella

chloriDOS® iOX® is a dosing system that ensures continuous and preventive protection against Legionella in hot water and cooling systems, among others.

The plant produces chlorine dioxide at the installation site and doses directly into the flow line of the plant, so that the entire piping system and all tapping points are protected against Legionella. As standard, the dosing is controlled by a signal from a water meter, but it is also possible to control the dosing via ORP (optional).

chloriDOS iOX is marketed in Denmark with precursors that comply with the BPR 528/2012 regulation on biocides products.

The system can be mounted on a wall or floor stand with lockable storage for the chemicals.


  • Control of Legionella in waterborne systems
  • Food & Drink CIP Disinfection
  • Cooling tower disinfection
  • Food washing/processing
  • Odour elimination from waste processes




process industry





Swimming pools/Spas

institution water treatment


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Function description

chloriDOS® iOX® works by dosing chlorine dioxide in very small quantities.

The amount is automatically dosed according to water consumption.

The chlorine dioxide penetrates the biofilm, where Legionella typically has good growth conditions, and eliminates the bacteria.

Chlorine dioxide is odourless and will be completely consumed before the water reaches the consumer.

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