Clean drinking water and piping free of clams

Guldager has the technology to produce drinking water by desalinating sea water and adding calcium. We produce technical water for drilling and transformer platforms as well as advanced antifouling technology.

Antifouling removes the growth base for fx mussels and algae entering into the piping system. With Guldager technology we add the right amount of copper and chlorine to the sea water intake. The quantities needed are quite small, and the results are clear.

offshore water treatment

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antifouling on drilling rigs

Antifouling installations for the offshore industry

On offshore installations, large amounts of sea water are used. It is at your fingertips and in abundant quantities. But along with the sea water there will be mussels and algae, which can cause big problems.

A piping system provides optimal growth conditions for mussel colonies, algae and other organisms that can grow up and cause blockages in the piping systems.

Guldager's antifouling installation doses small amounts of copper to the sea water. This is a very effective method to prevent clams and algae from getting stuck.

We installed anti-fouling installations on several drilling rigs in the North Sea, and these installations keep the piping systems free of organic material. The anodes in the installations are regularly replaced as part of planned service and ensure the operators of the platforms a constant and hassle-free operation.

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