DOWCAL® - Corrosion Inhibited Heat Transfer Fluids

Guldager sells Dowcal® products, which are based on ethylene or propylene glycol. The products contain a specially developed corrosion inhibitor system that ensures optimal system performance - also over time.

With Dowcal® technologies, your system is protected for a long time, so you can rely on the system's performance in the future and be confident that the system's structural materials are not attacked.

The different glycols are used in a wide range of applications; solar collectors, HVAC systems, chemical and pharmaceutical and food production, industrial cooling systems etc.

Contact Guldager for technical support in connection with glycol selection. We can advise on the best choice for your application, including water/glycol analysis of the existing system for troubleshooting or investigation of which glycol type is already in the system.

Dowcal® benefits

  • Specially developed formulations with corrosion inhibitors ensure low corrosion rates in systems with iron, steel, copper & aluminum, etc.
  • Dowcal® fluids do not attack most plastics and metals, minimizing the risk of system breakdown and leaks.
  • The products ensure efficiency for a long time. The special corrosion inhibitor composition enables operation at higher temperatures than alternative technologies.
  • Dowcal® is environmentally friendly: The products do not contain nitrite or borax, and are free from substances that are mutagenic, carcinogenic and toxic to reproduction.
  • Dowcal® works in a wide temperature range. DowcalTM 100E & 200E can be used from -50°C to 175°C, while Dowcal® N is recommended from -50°C to 120°C.
  • Dowcal® can be diluted down to 20% mix. Guldager supplies ready-mixed glycols in 20/80, 25/75, 30/70, 35/65, 40/60 and 50/50. The products can be delivered as clear liquids or added blue or red color as desired.

Dowcal® products

Products can be delivered in cans, drums, IBC tanks and bulk.

Dowcal® 100E

Dowcal® 100E is an ethylene glycol based (MEG) fluid for heat transfer. The product contains a powerful corrosion inhibitor system. Used in pharmaceutical and specialty chemical production for heating and cooling of reactors. Also ideal for heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems.

Dowcal® 200E

Dowcal® 200E is a propylene glycol based (MPG) heat transfer fluid. The product contains a powerful corrosion inhibitor system. The fluid has low toxicity when ingested and is often used in HVAC systems, food and beverage industry and other applications where the harmfulness of ingestion is important.

Dowcal® N

Dowcal® N is a propylene glycol-based (MPG) liquid that is NSF/FDA approved. The product has low acute toxicity when ingested and it contains a corrosion inhibitor system that has the same approval, allowing Dowcal® N to be used in applications with direct or indirect food contact.

The effects of Dowcal® products, including their anti-corrosion properties, are well researched and well documented.


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