Water treatment / Softening

Softening systems for buildings and businesses

Water softening is relevant in a wide range of places, such as the catering industry, where softening systems ensure professional dishwashing, and in industry, where trouble-free process water is required. Just as there are all the other needs that also characterise private homes.

That's why we have solutions specially designed for specific purposes as described above - or the same needs as in private homes. Just designed for higher water consumption.

Guldager's softening plant uses ion exchange technology and regenerates with salt. They are simple to install and have low water and salt consumption. We can also offer a service agreement, so everything runs itself.

Softeners for private use

We can also help you get rid of the limescale you fight daily in your home. With a drinking water approved softener, you can prevent limescale from settling on tiles and fixtures in your bathroom. At the same time, you'll extend the life of your pipes, taps, coffee machine, electric kettle and washing machine.

You use less soap and shampoo when you bathe and soft water is more comfortable for your skin and hair.

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Jan Jensen

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Erik Clausen

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Products and services


Reusable filters using the brand new Purity technology, providing optimal water quality and high product safety. Up to 6 m³ per bottle.

CalcFree Pro

CO2 dosing systems that prevent lime precipitation - mainly in industrial exchangers with high consumption and high temperatures. But there can also be benefits for boilers and pipe traction with the system.

UniSoft® 9100

A duplex plant is the right choice when there is a need for continuous supply of soft water in large volumes. 2-15 m³/h.

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