Water treatment / Softening

We make the hard water soft

Water softening is relevant to a wide range of places, such as the catering industry, where softening installations ensure a professional dishwashing and in the industry where problem free process water is required.

Guldager’s softening installations use ion exchange technology and regenerate with salt. They are easy to install and have a small amount of water and salt consumption. We can also offer a service agreement so everything runs smoothly.

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Water treatment in private homes

We can also help you with the lime you fight daily in your home. With our softening installations you can prevent the lime on the tiles and in the water tap filters in your bathroom. At the same time, you extend the life of the pipes, the water boiler, or the household machinery such as the washing machine or the electric kettle.

You will use less soap and shampoo, and soft water is more comfortable for your skin and your hair.

Contact your local plumber for special offers and assembly.

Products for Water Softening


Drinking water approved softening systems for larger properties and the smaller industry. 5 – 20 m3/t


Recycling filters that use the all-new Purity technology that results in optimal water quality and high product safety. Up to 6 m3 per bottle.

UniSoft® Mini

A volume controlled softening system that operates without electricity. Flow capacity 20-25 L/Min.

UniSoft® IK

The special filter mass in UniSoft IK is capable of ion exchange only the minerals in the water that form stone coatings. 1.5 – 10 m3 per bottle.

UniSoft® AK

Decarbonization installation that removes the hardness of the water and about half of the residual mineral salts. Replacement facility. 4-8 m3 per filter.

CalcFree and CalcFree Pro

Carbon dioxide (CO2) dosing system that prevents the precipitation of lime into the piping system. For real estate, industry and larger heating plants.

UniSoft® KT

A volume controlled softening system that operates without electricity. Max 60 liters/min.

UniSoft® 9000

A duplex plant is the right choice when there is a need for continuous supply of soft water in large quantities. 2 – 15 m3 / t.

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