Corporate social responsibility

At Guldager, we want to make a difference and we support good causes. See here who we have recently supported:

Handball club HSG 91

We are happy to support our employees in playing sport in the community. We have therefore chosen to sponsor club clothing for the senior men's team of Svogerslev/Gevninge Handball Club, where our employee Rasmus Brandt-Hansen plays. The club currently plays in serie 2, but has expectations to move up to serie 1 next season. We also keep our fingers crossed for the club and hope they have a great season in club clothing with Guldager on it.

Team Rynkeby

At Guldager, we pride ourselves on making a difference. We take great pleasure in taking the lead and supporting the European charity cycling team Team Rynkeby, and in this way raising money for children with critical illnesses.

At the same time, our employee Karin Bech Madsen is joining Team Rynkeby Vestegnen for her 3rd season, and we're rooting for her and all the others all the way to Paris this summer.