Clean, clear water for catering and restaurants

In cafes and restaurants, lime and minerals are a persistent problem that needs to be solved to give your guests the best possible experience.

  • Dishwashers and other expensive non-stop equipment should be protected against lime as far as possible to last for a long time and work smoothly every single day.
  • Lime and salts in the water stick to glass and service during washing if the water is not softened beforehand. This increases the workload in the kitchen.
  • Ice cubes must be clear.

All this can be done by Guldager. We have developed and supplied water treatment installations for the entire Danish catering industry for many years.


We provide and service all types of facilities that can help keep your water clean, your glasses ready and your guests happy. Call +45 48 13 44 00 and hear more.

CASE: High-end installation ensures clear dishes

No kitchen managers want to see their tunnel dishwasher break down in the midst of an important conference.

In a larger hotel in Copenhagen, Guldager has therefore installed a “UniRO 400” membrane filtration installation. Before the UniRO 400 installation, the lime is removed from the water with a “UniSoft®” softening system. With the two installations in series, Guldager always ensures lime-free and ultra clean water available for the hotel’s kitchen and various dishwashers.

The installations are installed in engineering rooms outside of the kitchen and the clean water is brought to the kitchen separately. In this way the kitchen can concentrate on the most important thing for them; to serve the customers.

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Do you experience any of these problems?

… then it’s time to investigate the water quality.

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The glasses look dirty or matted out after washing!


Lime in the water sticks to the glasses and other types of service.


Decarbonization, softening, desalination

These products can solve it:

UniSoft® AK, UniSoft® KT, UniRo 150 C

I have softening on my tunnel dishwasher, but I'm still not happy with the result!


After softening, there are still salts left in the water and they can stick to the glasses.



These products can solve it:

UniRo 150 C

My coffee or espresso machine must be decalcified too often!


The lime in the water lays on the heating element


Decarbonization, softening

These products can solve it:

UniSoft® IK

My ice cubes are matte!


There are lime, salts, and minerals in the water that make the ice cubes dull.



These products can solve it:


If you do not already have water treatment for your dishwasher/coffee/espresso machine, call us and we will be happy to install the filter, softening or desalination system that suits your needs. Call us at 48 13 44 00 and tell us what’s your problem.

Regular replacement of your filters

  • ensures a perfect coffee and espresso flavor
  • protects machines and equipment against lime
  • reduces operating costs
  • prolongs the life of machinery and equipment

Sign a Service Agreement with us and we will keep your equipment in order.

UniSoft® AK

Decarbonization installation that removes the hardness of the water and about half of the residual mineral salts. Replacement facility. 4-8 m3 per filter.

UniSoft® KT

A volume controlled softening system that operates without electricity. Max 60 liters/min.

UniRo 150-450 C

UniRo 150 – 450 C cabinet system for perfect dishwashing. From 150 – 450 l/h with a reservoir of 35-80 l.