Clean, clear water for catering and restaurants

In cafés and restaurants, lime and minerals are an ongoing problem that needs to be addressed. So you can give your guests the best possible experience.

  • Dishwashers and other expensive equipment that run non-stop need the best possible protection from limescale to ensure they last and run smoothly every day.
  • Lime and salts in the water will stick to glassware and tableware during washing if the water is not softened beforehand. This increases the amount of work in the kitchen.
  • Isterisations must be clear.

Guldager can help with all this. We have developed and supplied water treatment systems to the entire Danish restaurant industry for many years.

Treated water provides the best results and benefits for you!

Your guests should have the best experience when they visit you. Even the basics like cutlery, crockery and glassware need to be sparkling clean, of course. Danish water contains lime and minerals, which cause problems for dishwashers, steam ovens and other expensive equipment. With treated water you ensure

  • perfect washing up without the need for rinsing
  • less consumption of soap and detergents
  • longer life of machines and possibly longer intervals between services
  • perfect coffee and clear ice cubes in drinks

With Guldager's new range of filters and dedicated RO systems for dishwashers, we can meet your needs 100%.

We supply and service all types of equipment to help you keep your water clean, your glasses clear and your guests happy. Call us on +45 48 13 44 00 to find out more.

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Tunnel dishwasher-in-restaurant

CASE: State-of-the-art installation ensures clear dishes

No chef wants to see his tunnel dishwasher break down in the middle of an important conference.

Guldager has therefore installed a "UniRO 400" membrane filtration system at a major hotel in Copenhagen. Before the installation, the lime is removed from the water with a "UniSoft®" softening installation. With the two plants in series, Guldager ensures that lime-free and ultra-pure water is always available for the hotel's kitchen and various dishwashers.

The systems are installed in technical rooms outside the kitchen and the clean water is supplied to the kitchen separately. This allows the kitchen to concentrate on what is most important to them; serving customers.

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Are you experiencing any of these problems?

... it's time to look at the water. Contact us or read more about our products below.

The glasses look dirty or dull after washing!

The reason:

The lime in the water sticks to glasses and other tableware.


Decarbonisation, softening, desalination

These products can fix it:

UniSoft® AK, UniSoft® KT, UniRo 150 C

I have fabric softener on my tunnel dishwasher, but I'm still not happy with the results!

The reason:

After softening, salts still remain in the water and can settle as stains on the glasses.



These products can fix it:

UniRo 150 C

My coffee or espresso machine needs to be descaled far too often!

The reason:

The lime in the water is deposited as coatings on the heater


Decarbonisation, softening

These products can fix it:

UniSoft® IK

My ice cubes are dull!

The reason:

It is the lime, salts and minerals in the water that make the ice cubes dull.



These products can fix it:


If you don't already have water treatment for your dishwasher/coffee/espresso machine, give us a call and we'll be happy to install the filter, softener or desalination system that suits your needs. Call us on 48 13 44 00 and tell us what your problem is.

Regular replacement of your filters

  • ensures a perfect coffee and espresso taste
  • protects machines and equipment against limescale
  • reduces operating costs
  • extends the life of machinery and equipment

Make a Service Agreement with us and we'll keep your equipment in working order.



EASY:FAST is a reverse osmosis system with built-in pressure tank. Output 140 l/h @ 15 0C 4 liters buffer capacity.


Reverse Osmosis system with high flow and high buffer capacity. Output 120 l/h @ 15 0C 8 liters buffer capacity.


The HYDRO:BOX 5M is designed to deliver high performance based on high flow pre-filtration and multiple larger membranes. Performance 300 l/h @ 15 0C 8 liters buffer capacity.


The HYDRO:BOX 7M is designed to deliver high performance based on high flow pre-filtration and multiple larger membranes. Performance up to 480 l/h @ 15 0C no buffer capacity.

Profine® ZERO

Profine® ZERO professional is the ideal reverse osmosis system when smaller quantities of very pure water are needed. Performance up to 24 l/h. Up to 3 liters in the first minute.

Profine® Lilac

Profine® Lilac reduces the transient hardness of the water and improves the coffee flavour, ensuring a crema with perfect colour and consistency

Profine® Violet

Profine® Violet reduces transient water hardness while maintaining a stable and neutral pH.

Profine® Ocra

Profine® Ocra is a disposable filter that removes hardness and filters water down to 0.5 μm using silver-ionised Profine® Carbon Block technology.

Profine® Ice

Profine® Ice neutralises the effect of limescale in the water, leaving the ice cubes transparent and clear.


Reusable filters using the brand new Purity technology, providing optimal water quality and high product safety. Up to 6 m³ per bottle.

UniSoft® KT 206

A manually controlled softening system that works without electricity. Max. 60 ltr./min.

UniSoft® Mini

A manually controlled softener that works without electricity. 20-25 l/min.

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