AVRO-flex 400

Water treatment / Desalination / AVRO-flex 400

Flexible and transportable reverse osmosis system.

Can be used wherever there is water, drainage and 230 Volt.
Patented AVRO pre-treatment that eliminates the need for softening in front of the RO system. As such, can be used up to 22 0dH.
Perfect for the small temporary task - filling small systems, filling an aquarium, temporary solution for a dishwasher, etc.

Can deliver up to 3.5 bar, so works without a downstream tank and booster pump.

If the system is not to be used for a period of time, set it to workshop mode, where it will flush itself periodically.


  • Boiler feed water for steam boilers
  • Cooling systems
  • Car washes
  • Industrial machinery and kitchens
  • Laboratories

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