Water treatment for CHP plants has become one of our core areas

Over recent years, we have supplied several water treatment plants for waste and biomass-fired CHP plants.

Involvement in this segment requires special focus on:

  • robust design
  • project specifications
  • commissioning purposes
  • performance

Our water treatment installations are typically plug & play solutions that supply water to the power plant's boilers. The performance varies, but typically is between 5 and 20 m3 per hour and typically consists of

  • Pre-treatment - Softening (activated carbon filter) and Chemistry (eg anti-chlorine and antiscale)
  • Reverse osmosis
  • CEDI
  • Mixed bed filter

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High level of competence

Competent counseling, design and dimensioning are the basic elements of our project sales.

Facilities of this size and composition require a high technological level of competence. Our project department, which consists of experienced engineers and technicians, has a close knowledge of the parameters and processes involved in this type of installation. The plants are designed and dimensioned in close cooperation with the customer based on requirements specifications, water analyzes, etc. The entire production phase is quality assured through the coordinated and direct cooperation between the project and the production unit.

Our staff of highly qualified technicians ensures that the plants are installed and implemented taking into account local requirements from customers and authorities.

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Contact us if

  • you need a complete solution that goes beyond standard?
  • you need a water quality of a certain character?
  • you need competent sparring and advice to find the right solution?
  • you want to avoid expensive downtime?
  • you want to be sure to get competent, technical support, even after taking over?
Energy and cogeneration

UniSoft® Hydrus

Economical, volume-controlled softening system for large consumption. From 20 m³/h.


Guldager offers a full range of chemicals and dosing equipment for the industry. Cooling towers, heating systems, hot water and steam systems, etc. Specialists in total solution agreements; also with short terms.

Mixed Bed filter

A mixed bed filter polishes demineralised water from, for example, an EDI plant, removing the last minerals and salts from the water.

Sand filter

For pre-filtration before further water treatment. For continuous cleaning of e.g. cooling tower sumps