Water-based cooling systems rely heavily on the optimum quality of cooling water.

Failure to maintain optimal quality can result in a number of costly operational nuisances:

  • Deposits and coatings in plants
    Deposits occur in most cases when the dissolved salt content of the cooling water exceeds the limit at which they can be kept in solution. Coatings act as insulators and cause energy losses - deposits can also cause increased corrosion rates.


  • Risk of corrosion
    The passage of cooling water through the cooling tower means that the water is constantly oxygenated. This is a driver for corrosion of metals. At the same time, the composition of the cooling water has a major impact on the corrosion risk of the various metals contained in the plant.


  • Flow problems
    The large air intake of cooling systems means that the air's impurity content is constantly washed into the cooling water. In the process, the suspended solids can settle in the system and cause flow problems, resulting in malfunction of sensitive parts of the system.
  • Microbiological growth
    The conditions in refrigeration systems are almost tailor-made for microbiological growth. High levels of microorganisms can cause health problems/risks to the environment, but at the same time microbial growth can also lead to risks of reduced flow, energy loss and microbiologically induced corrosion.


  • Lack of microbiological control
    Without regular checks, the refrigeration system can become a potential source for the spread of Legionella bacteria, which can be fatal for immunocompromised people. The way cooling towers work means that Legionella-affected cooling systems can infect people over a very wide geographical area.


It is therefore very important that the water in the cooling system is of the right quality.


Guldager AdditiveCare - for cooling systems

Guldager AdditiveCare is a total solution for water treatment of open and closed cooling systems.

This solution includes a wide range of additives specifically designed to solve operational problems in refrigeration circuits:

  • Corrosion inhibitors for the protection of system construction materials
  • Coating inhibitors to prevent water salts creating coatings in the plant
  • Anti-fouling products which ensures against flow problems caused by inorganic material in the cooling water
  • Microbiocides to control microbiological growth including legionella bacteria
  • Biodispersants for biofilm control

You'll always have an initial, thorough review of your refrigeration system, so that all aspects and issues of operation are identified - both technical and financial.

The technologies in the AdditiveCare programme are combined with Guldager's wide range of water treatment plants, dosing and control equipment, analytical and laboratory services and our extensive service catalogue. This creates a total solution that provides optimal operation of your cooling system without disruption and with optimal operating economy.

It's a total solution, where you get a single supplier of plant, equipment, additives, advice and service.
In short: One-point-of-contact.

The benefits for you are many:

  • Minimising water consumption
  • Optimal energy consumption
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Optimal cooling effect
  • Maximum plant value
  • Minimization of Down-time


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Learn more about how to get started with Guldager AdditiveCare - the efficient water treatment for cooling systems

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Learn more about how to get started with Guldager AdditiveCare - the efficient water treatment for cooling systems.

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