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Decarbonization for coffee machines and steam ovens

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Coffee machines make very special demands on the water. UniSoft® IK ensures that the coffee machine does not calcify and therefore has to be descaled several times a year. Lime-free coffee makers require water without lime or salts, and the UniSoft® IK, with specially adapted and food-grade materials, surpasses the traditional softening systems.

UniSoft® IK is a replacement system and thus maintenance-free for the user. This means that salt is not required and the installation does not require drainage. It is easy to install with flexible drinking water hoses.

By ion exchange and regeneration of the filters at Guldager’s regeneration center, we ensure that the coffee machines are lime free and the coffee has a cleaner taste.

UniSoft® IK is an environmentally friendly solution.


  • Coffee makers
  • Espresso machines
  • Steam ovens

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