UniSoft® KT 206

Water treatment / Softening / UniSoft® KT 206

Manually controlled and highly efficient softening

UniSoft® KT softeners ensure professional dishwashing in commercial kitchens and trouble-free process water in industry.

Ion exchange removes the limescale and magnesium salts that otherwise build up inside the dishwasher and damage the heating element. In industry, UniSoft® KT prevents clogging of nozzles and energy-consuming coatings on heating elements.

UniSoft® KT provides soft water 24 hours a day, works without electricity and is small and compact. All moving parts only come into contact with soft water, eliminating operational disturbances due to scale and rust deposits.


  • Professional dishwashing
  • Steam boilers
  • Washing machines
  • Car wash halls
  • Pretreatment for reverse osmosis

Function description

The built-in water meter is the brain of the automation. The automatic system is set to the hardness of the area and the system never needs to be adjusted again.

The plant is regenerated with salt. The regeneration is hydraulically controlled by the automation and is only started when the capacity of the plant is exhausted.

This is controlled by the built-in water meter. While one tank regenerates, the other tank continues to supply soft water.

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