UniSoft® Mini

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Efficient softening for small consumption

UniSoft® Mini softeners ensure professional dishwashing in cafés and restaurants and offer great benefits when connected to domestic hot water.

Ion exchange removes the limescale and magnesium salts that otherwise build up inside the dishwasher and damage the heating element. In domestic use, UniSoft® prevents limescale build-up on tiles and fittings and clogging of beerators etc.

UniSoft® Mini provides soft water 24 hours a day, works without electricity and is small and compact. All moving parts only come into contact with soft water, eliminating operational disturbances due to scale and rust deposits.


  • Cafés and restaurants
  • Catering industries
  • Private housing

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Function description

The UniSoft® Mini system is manually controlled and regenerates with salt. While the plant is regenerating, soft water is still produced.

The components of the system are thoroughly tested.

The cabinet is adapted to the aesthetic and efficient cleaning requirements of modern commercial kitchens.

The plant is constructed of corrosion-resistant materials and is equipped with wheels.

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