Corrosion protection of pipe systems

Guldager’s Unicat protects the pipe system of the installation against rust. The Unicat plant consists of a treatment part, an electronic unit, and a pump.

Unicat is intended for systems with heat-exchangers or small tanks. It is an independent unit consisting of a treatment component and an advanced control unit. The treatment component is a small enamel coated tank with two electrodes, an  aluminium cathode and an anode consisting of titanium thread coated with mixed metal oxide and wound spirally round the cathode.
The electronic unit supplies current (low tension, D.C.) to the anode. As a result, the aluminium cathode is slowly dissolved as aluminate ions, which are lead into the pipe system.

Along with the metal oxides from the surface of the pipes, the aluminate ions form a protective layer in the entire pipe system. The protection layer prevents rust and corrosion in the pipes. The pump ensures a constant flow through the treatment unit and into the pipe system.

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