Catolysis for boilers and pipe installations

Catolysis is Guldager's own effective technology to protect against corrosion in hot water tanks and pipe installations. Catolysis is a further development of electrolysis with significantly more advantages:

  • The supervisor can save time as the weekly emptying of the container is not necessary
  • Fewer deposits in the container
  • Minimal waste of aluminium, sludge and limescale

The entire process is controlled by a control cabinet that ensures the right amount of aluminium is dosed according to water consumption.




process industry





Swimming pools/Spas

institution water treatment


Catolysis is long-lasting and effective protection

When aluminium is dissolved, aluminium oxide is formed and passed around the hot service water installation, where it attaches itself to the inside of the pipes and forms a protective layer. This reduces the risk of corrosion and extends the life of the installation.

Good circulation and proper servicing of the catolysis system ensures long-lasting and effective protection.

Guldager delivers several variants of corrosion protection depending on and adapted to the individual installation Guldager has delivered and serviced installations for corrosion protection since 1946. This has resulted in more than 10,000 installations, and we are still servicing many of them.

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