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Safe and controlled prevention of Legionella

Guldager’s LegioControl® is a compact and integrated dosing and control system providing a continuous prevention against Legionella in hot water systems.

LegioControl® not only protects the hot water boiler but also the entire pipe system. In this way growth of Legionella bacteria is eliminated both in the circulating water and at the taps.

LegioControl® advantages

  • Effective and safe removal of biofilm in which Legionella thrive
  • Compact solution
  • Long term prevention
  • No inconvenience to user of the water installation
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Low investment and operational costs





Sports- and swimming facilities


Chlorine dioxide is dosed to the cold water before the hot water boiler according to the water consumption. By controlling the dosing, it is ensured that the chlorine dioxide is consumed at the taps. Chlorine dioxide has no smell and is produced simultaneously with the consumption by mixing two fluent chemicals.

Basic or compact

LegioControl® is available in both a compact version, where everything is integrated inside the cabinet or a basic version, which is more flexible in its structure.
With LegioControl® it is possible to lower the temperature of the hot water without bacterial risk thus reducing the lime precipitation.