Water treatment / Antifouling

Antifouling for the offshore industry

On offshore installations, large amounts of seawater are used. It is at your fingertips and in abundant quantities. But along with the sea water, there will be algae, mussel larvae, polyps and others from the sea, which can cause major problems.

A piping system provides optimal growth conditions for mussel colonies, algae and other organisms that can grow up and cause blockages in the piping systems.

Therefore, it is necessary to protect the piping against mussels and the like – and we do that with Antifouling.

Guldager’s antifouling units prevent the seawater intake system, lift pumps, pipe systems, filters and heat exchangers from being clogged with mussels, barnacles, and slime.

Based on the electrolytic treatment of the seawater, copper and chlorine are released in small concentrations by electrolytic treatment of the seawater thereby effectively eliminating the growth of mussels in the systems. Left untreated even big seawater pipes may be clogged by mussels after only a short time leading to problems and possible production shutdown.


  • Effective protection against clams in seawater intake.
  • Innocuous amounts of copper for the environment.



Wind turbine transformer platforms




Onshore seawater intake for power plants, cooling systems, desalination plant / RO, industry

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