Longlife Glycol

Glycols from Guldager are available in two formulas, monoethylenglycol (MEG) and monopropylenglykol (MPG). Approved additives preventing absorption of oxygen and corrosion can be added to both formulas. Guldager‘s glycols are produced from reverse osmosis water which contributes to the ultra-low conductivity and good heat transfer.

Longlife Glycol is efficient as antifreeze and anticorrosion solutions in industrial cooling- and heat systems.

  • Protects most systems at a wide temperature area
  • Has an ultra low conductivity
  • Are added approved stabilising and inhibiting additives
  • Deliverable in common sizes
  • Can be used anywhere where a non toxic and foodstuff
    approved solution is required
  • Are among the best on the market

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