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Annual cleansing prevents bacteria in the hot water boiler

To achieve good hygiene in the water installation, it is important that the hot water boiler is opened and cleaned once a year. This is not only to avoid corrosion but also to prevent bacteria in the water system.

  • Mechanical boiler cleaning
  • Disinfecting with chlorine dioxide
  • Prevent bacterial growth (eg legionella)
  • Protects against corrosion

A mechanical cleaning of the boiler surfaces is performed. However, a boiler cleaning does not completely remove the organic interference that inevitably settles on the inside of the pipes.

The combination of a mechanical cleaning and a disinfection provides an effective prevention of bacterial growth – eg Legionella – in the boiler. And when this is done at the same time, the costs are low.

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Why boiler cleaning?

Over time, impurities build up as a sludge on the bottom of the boiler, as well as on the inner sides and on the heating element, and a layer of calcium and organic interferences (biofilm) is formed. Therefore we advice to clean the hot water boiler regularly.

If the hot water installation is protected against corrosion by electrolysis or cathodic protection together with a service agreement, the cleansing is covered by the agreement. But the need will also be present for boilers without corrosion protection.


Change of anodes

If your installation is equipped with anodes, these must be replaced when they are used. If you have a service contract, we will contact you approx. 3 weeks before the replacement of the electrode should take place.


Prevention of Legionella bacteria

EWGLI (The European Working Group for Legionella Infections) recommends an annual cleanup of biofilm and bacteria in hot water boilers.


Boiler disinfection

The latest recommendation ‘Rørcenteranvisning 017’ from the Danish Technological Institue  describes boiler disinfection with chlorine dioxide as the best method for preventing legionella bacteria in the installation. (Source: (

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