softliQ SC18 og SC23

Water TreatmentSoftening / softliQ SC18 og SC23

Softening for the small and large household

SoftliQ:SC is a drinking water approved simplex system equipped with an intelligent control unit that ensures that the facility conforms to the water needs of the individual consumer.

This means that the facility is environmentally friendly and economical in consumption. The facility is suitable for the general household and covers the need for soft water in families with 1-12 people. The facility can of course also be used for other purposes, which are covered by the capacity.

Sizing example

Nominal flow by softening of raw water from 20 dH0 down to 8 dH0

  • SC18: 3,0 m3/t
  • SC23: 3,8 m3/t


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When the raw water passes through the resin, calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged with sodium ions, and the installation supplies soft water.

The system is regenerated with salt tablets and the time of regeneration is determined by water consumption.

Capacity per regeneration depends on the current hardness.

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