softliQ MD32 and MD38

Water TreatmentSoftening / softliQ MD32 and MD38

Softening for large homes and smaller properties

softliQ:MD is a drinking water approved duplex system that supplies soft water continuously.

The softliQ:MD is the water expert that gets smarter day by day because it learns from you. First, it determines your average consumption on every day of the week and then it adjusts its softening capacity to the demand of each respective day. In addition, it checks and optimizes this consumption profile on a daily basis. The two exchanger tanks guarantee stagnation-free softening in times when withdrawals are low and peak performance when the water demand is high. The softliQ:MC32 is suitable for properties up to 20 people.

Dimensions example
Nominal flow by softening of raw water from 20 dH0 down to 8 dH0

  • MD32: 4,3 m3/h
  • MD38: 5,6 m3/t


  • Café and restaurants
  • Catering
  • Private homes

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When the raw water passes through the resin, calcium, and magnesium ions are exchanged with sodium ions, and the installation supplies soft water.

The installation is regenerated with salt tablets and the regeneration time is determined by the water consumption.

Capacity per regeneration depends on the current hardness.

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