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95-98% of all mineral salts are removed

The UniRo is a reverse osmosis installation. This type of installation is targeted customers with very high demands on the water quality and the consumption.

In a softening installation you remove the lime and most of the magnesium salts from the water, but sometimes this is not enough. There are still mineral salts left which can cause problems for technical installations. The membranes in the UniRo system retain 95-98% of all mineral salts


Guldager’s UniRo

The system is built for the high capacity requirements. We have great success within the car wash industry and other industrial areas where the demands are high. The UniRo can for example handle high air humidification for example in the printing industry, district heating systems, boiler water and steam productions and the very large dishwashers. UniRo has capacity up to 2,400 liters per hour or larger on request.

Only the best components are used for the UniRo systems, including Grundfos pumps and Danfoss pressure gauges. It is a simple electrical and plumbing installation. The system automatically stops at low water pressure. Flow and conductivity measurement can be selected.


  • Car Wash Systems
  • Dishwashers
  • Humidifiers
  • District heating plants
  • Boiler water and steam production

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Reverse Osmosis is a membrane separation process that allows water molecules to pass but retains up to 95-98% of the salt content. The pores in the membrane are so small that even microorganisms and bacteria can not penetrate. Once the water passes the membrane, it is collected in an internal reservoir from which it is dispatched to consumption.

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