UniRo 150 - 450 C

Water treatment / Desalination / UniRo 150 C-R

Reverse osmosis provides a perfect dish

In a softening unit all lime and magnesium salts are removed from the water. This is not always enough, there are still some mineral salts left which might cause problems to the dishwasher in a large-scale kitchen or in technical installations.The membranes in Guldagers UniRo 150-450 systems retain 95-98% of all salts.

The UniRo 150-450 C systems are designed to meet high demands to water quality, design and hygienic cleaning.

The cabinet is embedded in plastics and adapted to meet the requirements in a modern large-scale kitchen in regard to aesthetics, and a cleaning friendly surface. The system is mounted on wheels, which ensures ergonomic and hygienic cleaning. The reservoir contains 35-80 litres.

The system will stop automatically if the water pressure gets too low.


  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Catering industry
  • Humidification in printing

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Reverse Osmosis is a membrane separation process that allows water molecules to pass but retains up to 95-98% of the salt content. The pores in the membrane are so small that even microorganisms and bacteria can not penetrate. Once the water passes the membrane, it is collected in an internal reservoir from which it is dispatched to consumption.

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