CatoCool P

Water treatment for cooling towers

A pro-environment and cost effective alternative

The CatoCool P is a unique water treatment system for cooling water. CatoCool is Guldager’s natural alternative to chemical based treatment of water in closed cooling water systems.

The concept is based on our “wise water treatment” strategy, which aims at reducing the use of and contact with chemicals and at the same time provides a positive impact on our customers’ bottom line.

CatoCool advantages:

  • Complete water treatment system
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Operationally streamlined
  • Safe working environment – no chemicals
  • Flexible to different treatment needs

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See whats included in CatoCool P

What is included in CatoCool P

The CatoCool P system contains four different elements to form an all inclusive solution.

Elements of the system:

Catocool P principle schematic


Softening – UniSoft®

Guldager recommend using softened water in closed cooling systems. Using softened water avoids calcium and magnesium in the water, which can cause precipitation and coating problems at high temperatures.

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Hvis spædevandet har en hårdhed over 1 °dH kan det med fordel blødgøres. Til at blødgøre spædevandet bruger vi et enkelt ionbytter anlæg. I et ionbytter anlæg erstattes kalcium- og natriumionerne med kloridioner. Dermed fjernes den hårdhed i vandet, som fremmer dannelse af kalkaflejringer i kølevandsystemet.


Corrosion Protection – CatoCool / Unicat®

We use cathodically dissolved aluminum as the inhibitor. The catholyte module is mounted in a bypass on the cooling circuit. The dissolved aluminum forms a protective layer on all surfaces that are in contact with the water. Our solution for corrosion protection is chemical-free.

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The presence of aluminum as aluminate in the circulating cooling water will minimize surface corrosion in the system. Furthermore, aluminat has a flocculating effect that improves the efficiency of any filter as it collects the particles.


Filtering – UniFilter

In a closed cooling system it is necessary to filter the circulating water to avoid clogging of nozzles, valves and other components. In closed cooling systems we will typically use a bag filter, possibly. with magnetic core. The filter is dimensioned according to the circulating water volume. In this way the replacement of filter bags can be limited.


Bacteria Control – LegioControl®

To combat bacteria in the cooling system, we recommend dosing chlorine dioxide. Our LegioControl® doses small amounts of chlorine dioxide to the cooling water. This eliminates the biofilm that promotes growth of bacteria and biological fouling. Chlorine dioxide is a strong oxidizing agent and during the process it will either remove the bacteria (biofilm) or degrade to normal sodium chloride.